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We’re moving to where? What’s in Kansas City……….

This was the question I had for my husband in 2003 when he told me that he was being recruited to Kansas City. We had both grown up in South Florida and met in college. He went to Univ of Miami and I went to FAU. Both our families lived in Palm Beach Gardens and our 3 kids were going to the same school he went to as a child. We lived close to the beach. Why would anyone want to move? And doesn’t it snow in Kansas?

Needless to say, I had NO idea what a treasure was in store for us, but I’ve always been about taking chances and listening to my gut and I knew my husband always wanted the best for his family, so I said okay, fully intending on us moving back to Florida as soon as the opportunity was finished. That was 17 years ago, LOL. After just 6 months, I realized what a blessing we had stumbled upon and that KC was exactly where I wanted to raise my family. I made up my mind to fully vet this new place and find out everything it had to offer my young family. This is actually what led me to become an agent in 2004.

New friends would tease me that I knew more about the city than they did and they grew up here. This is a strength I have when working with relocation buyers. I’ve been in their shoes and I’m passionate about them knowing all the important facts so that they can make an informed decision. I live in the same house in Leawood that I bought in 2004. I want my clients to love what they buy!

With 16 years under my belt, I’ve achieved some cool goals- Being a 5 Star Agent since 2006, setting new high sales in 12 different subdivisions for sellers, being in the Top 25 Agents in the Metro in 2012- KC Business Journal, but my favorite accolade is being known as a bulldog or Mama Bear for my clients. It’s not about me. It’s about what’s best for my clients and I will work and negotiate tirelessly to achieve THEIR goals because that’s what family means to me.



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