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Real estate is my passion. I perceive a person's home to be one of the most important investments they will encounter. I feel very fortunate that I get the opportunity to help people with something as meaningful as buying or selling a home. I specialize in the home selling process from new construction to existing home sales, working with and understanding trades and the entire new construction process. I am devoted to understanding the needs of my clients and providing personal attention and excellence. I feel that honesty and communication are essential components of a working relationship. The greatest compliments I receive from past clients are the referrals of family and friends.


I wanted to take some time to let you know what an incredible experience we have had working with Dave Davis on the sale of our previous house and the build and purchase of our new home over the last 8 months. Our previous home was in good shape but it backed up directly to highway 69 at 151st street so we had many concerns about the marketability of the house given its location. Dave really took the time to listen to our concerns, give us ideas of ways to make the house more appealing in ways we could control, and put together a listing that put the house's best foot forward while explaining and answering my endless list of questions along the way. Most importantly, he was honest about what the house was most likely worth and how long he thought it would take to sell at different price points. He was right on!

We had our eye on a specific lot in Wyngate where we really wanted to build but Rodrock, who owns the subdivision, didn't have any floorplans we could both get behind. Dave worked with Rodrock to get us a meeting where we collaborated with their architect to modify a couple of existing houses into a new floorplan that we just loved. In addition to that, he created a safety net for us by negotiating a buyout with Rodrock so we could start building prior to the sale of our house. The price he negotiated was perfect as it gave us leverage to get potential buyers to pay us what we felt the house was worth. If they weren't willing to do so we could just sell it to the builder for a fair price. In addition, Dave negotiated in a reduction in price on our new home if we sold our existing home and Rodrock did not have to buy it. Genius! He also communicated a strategy he had learned in dealing with builders over time where we successfully negotiated all of the "gotta have" upgrades we wanted into the base price of the house. That base price was low enough because of that we could add enough other upgrades to end up with the perfect house without breaking the bank.

We ended up selling our house in 4 months (after almost 80 showings) last December. Dave's marketing and pricing strategy got us tons of showings in a short time which led to a quicker sale than I ever imagined and at 96% of our asking price no less. However, the deal almost didn't happen because the buyer's offer was a bit less than the builder's offer. Dave was determined to sell our house so he took a little less commission and went to the builder to see if he would make up the rest of the difference for us at our closing on his house because the buyer's agent wouldn't part with any of his take. Rodrock went for it. Again, genius! It was really nice to be working with an agent who had our back and put our needs first over his commission check. That was something I had not experienced in previous dealings with agents and the buyer's agent was of that breed, not willing to give up any of his commission to make the deal work. In the end, Dave managed to help us sell our house and net us a 3% additional discount on our new house in the process even though he missed out on some commission himself.

Because he did such a good job and sold our house before our new house was ready, we had to move into an apartment for 4 months and Dave even helped me move out of the house into the apartment. Now THAT is service!